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Gas Measurement Data and IT Solutions

Gas Measurement Data and IT Solutions

More than just numbers on a page

In natural gas measurement, everything eventually comes down to the data. At the end of day, when the field maintenance is done and the charts are processed, it's the numbers that matter, and we know this better than anyone. With years of experience delivering realiable and relevant data to our clients, we can be your gas measurement IT solution. We offer consulting services to help you determine what data format will best suit your business, saving you time and money. We look at the situation from an operational standpoint, helping you concentrate your IT resources, achieving maximum value.
A digital copy of your flow system

Those in the natural gas industry will know that before the first chart can be integrated accurately, a great deal of data must be stored about the well and meter from which the chart was pulled. To that end, we keep a digital 'copy' of every meter for which we are actively integrating charts. From tube and plate sizes to gas analysis information, a large amount of information about each of your flow systems is entered and kept current by means of our custom developed GMS natural gas measurement software.

Once volume information is obtained for any given meter, that data is also stored in our system, and is made available for retrieval in a number of different ways. This volume information is tied to the aforementioned digital copy of your meter, making it possible for us to search and print information by client, meter, and even meter group.

Invested in technology to better serve your business

R L Laughlin is heavily invested in technology and IT, allowing us to bring you an unrivaled level of quality and value. We've developed IT solutions and processes that other companies simply can't (or won't) implement, so that we can give your business the flexibility of service that it requires.

We have a small farm of servers to meet our data needs. We also run our own in-house web server. In addition, we have a full-time IT/programming staff dedicated to improving our data services. What this means for your business is that every IT issue is easily within our reach, and that problems can often be solved minutes after a phone call or email to our office. It also means that custom software can be written to meet your needs, if necessary.

Let us make your IT life easier

Do you have a small IT department, or no IT department at all? Do you have data that needs to be viewable over the internet? Are you using a business software system that requires gas volume data in an unusual format? Allow us to create a solution for your data needs, and free you and your company to do what you do best.

R L Laughlin is your complete natural gas measurement outsourcing solution. From the field to the office, we handle it all, and we help you determine the best measurement practices and actions.

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